DIY wire Mrs necklace


I saw this Kate Spade necklace, and fell in love with everything about it except the price:

I decided- hey, I can do that! And of course, Pinterest agreed.I looked to this blogpost for instructions:

Then, I printed out the word “Mrs” in a font and size I liked, and got to work with my pliers. I had never made jewelry before, so I had to wander and chat with several people at Micheal’s, and watch a Youtube video, to figure out that I needed a chain, a hook/clasp, and to figure out what a Jump Ring was and how to use one with a Jump Ring too (I suggest both- they made things sit more evenly, and looked more professional). It took less than an hour to make, after my first failed attempt (full disclosure: the failed attempt was untimed, it was depressing. Be prepared for this).

My final product turned out quite nicely. Give it a shot yourself! If you don’t want to make it yourself, take a gander at my listing to purchase one for only $15 on my Etsy-


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