Beer Tasting Party

Last year, we invited some friends over for a Beer Tasting Party. First, we decided we’d keep it simple and just split the room into light and dark beer, and ask people to bring any type of beer they wanted.



Light and fruity beers



Dark beers



Wine for the non-beer drinkers


We supplied a few different varieties to start with. Everyone brought a couple types of beer for other’s to try, and we had two sizes of cups- a little one for a small taste, and a larger cup to have more if you liked it! We also had some fun snacks to go along with the beer.

For the decor, I used the mugs and such we already had, and then found some great free printables online, like these:

IMG_1695                 IMG_1696 IMG_1697    IMG_1718



I used colored card stock and scrapbook tape to create signs for food and drinks

IMG_1701 IMG_1702 IMG_1703

We had beer trivia, and a rating card for people to keep, to remember what beers they liked and didn’t like.

IMG_1708  IMG_1709

All of the food was simple finger foods, including candied bacon, nuts, chips, shrimp cocktail, and more. The candied bacon was my favorite.

Candied bacon recipe:

IMG_1723 IMG_1724   IMG_1710

It was a really fun time overall! We’d like to have another one, or maybe a wine tasting and cheese party this time!

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