DIY Scrabble Gifts

IMG_1569 IMG_1572


Use scrapbook paper, card stock, or any paper of your preference, cut to the shape of your frame. Use a strong glue to adhere the Scrabble letters to the paper. Stick it in the frame once completely dry, and voila, lovely gift for a friend for Christmas, housewarming, or anything really! Using people’s names, sayings, or song lyrics are my favorite.

IMG_1576  IMG_1580 IMG_1581 IMG_1582

Another option is handmade ornaments with Scrabble letters. Just use the same strong glue, and carefully glue letters together, and glue a ribbon looped onto the back. Again, names are fun, or holiday-related words! I’ve noticed that longer words seem to hold up better vertically than horizontally-if you want it to be horizontal, consider a big ribbon.

The best place I found to buy the letters from was E-bay. They were way overpriced from most sellers on Amazon and Etsy.

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