Melted Crayon Art

I, like many other craftaholics, went through a Melted Crayon Art phase. I wanted to share three of my favorites. For all of them, you can get a pack of these canvases at Michael’s, and the crayons anywhere. Use a good glue to adhere the crayons to the canvas. Here they are:


Made by cutting out the silhouetted in black card stock with an x-acto knife. I left the last couple crayons right above the silhouette unmelted, to keep it simple. I was considering covering the silhouette, and trying to get the “rain” to go around it, but I was too scared of ruining it.


This one I added some fake flowers to Joann’s to, which was fun for spring.


This one I don’t actually love, but I love the idea of it. I painted the canvas first, then put the crayons on. The silver crayons also added a fun effect. I think that spelling out words in the meted crayons has great potential- mine just didn’t turn out extremely readable. I used adhesive letters and just stuck them on. I think I should’ve somehow covered it better though, maybe with clear nail polish or something. I think bigger letters would’ve look better too.

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