Paper Anniversary

The First Anniversary is traditionally a paper gift. I wanted to make something paper for my husband, to go with the gift I was purchasing him and plans I had. Lots of gifts involved photos, but I’ve already done a ton of photo stuff with him because of my love of photography. I finally decided on a Folded Book Art.

1. Find the perfect book.


I decided to look at Nicholas Sparks book because I wanted a cheesy love story for the occasion, and I stumbled upon just what I wanted- a love story about a Marine finding his true love.

2. Decide the shape you’re folding the book into. 

I knew I wanted a heart for this lovely occasion.

3. Find a tutorial/template with that shape- or make your own template.

I’ve done a few different folded books now, but always with a template, and the first one I watched a tutorial. I can’t imagine free handing it- I just think it’d end up crooked. If you’re good at making your own templates, or have a shape that doesn’t need to be perfect, give it a try though! I’m just someone who does better with clear instructions. I used this: 

4. Make your folded book art!

I suggest getting a spare book for practice first. Then, make the actual thing- if you mess up on a lot of pages, it can end up getting a weird shape, because of so many re-folds and such. My second one turned out way better than my first, it was almost perfect.

Don’t want to make one of your own? Purchase one of mine on Etsy!

IMG_2047 IMG_2048 IMG_2049 IMG_2050

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