Colombian Hotdogs

In the last few years, I’ve gained a deep love for Colombian Hotdogs. The more toppings, the better! At first, I was hesitant to just pile them on, but once I enjoyed a quail egg on my perro, there was no going back my friends.

After trying so many hotdog shops, I finally decided to try my hand at them at home. I found this site-

And I went to work!


I whipped up a pineapple sauce first.


Then I mixed up the pink sauce.


I bought quality products, including all-beef hot dogs, the fluffy potato buns, and a bag of the fried shoestring potatoes (I prefer this over crushed potato chips which is also a good option). I also  ketchup and added a thin slice of ham, and melted mozzarella cheese under the potatoes!

Garlic sauce, cilantro sauce, bacon, quail egg, and much more can be added as toppings. Have fun!

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