Anniversary Scavenger Hunt

For our first wedding anniversary, I planned a scavenger hunt for my husband. I hid clues around our apartment, and our cars, and he had to solve the clue to move on to the next thing. Clues lead to gifts, and to things to do- we went to brunch at a peacock-themed restaurant (influenced by our peacock-themed wedding!), made cotton candy martinis (his favorite drink we tried at a restaurant in St. Petersburg for Valentine’s Day), had homemade cheesecake (his favorite dessert) and more. It was a fun day.


I was inspired by this scavenger hunt:


Cotton candy martini recipe:


Cheesecake recipe:

I made the cake topper myself, by finding a plain banner and typing the words over it, printing it, cutting it out, and taping it to skewers. I was inspired by this cake topper:

Cheesecake recipe:


Olive Garden At Home

While my husband was away on a trip, I turned our home into Olive Garden… Why? I’m not sure what motivated me, besides wanting to do something fun for him. And it was fun for me too!


I found a menu template online, and changed it up to include things he likes more. (Template here: )



I didn’t take many pictures of the details, but it was fun to have napkins, wine and more with the theme. At the end of the night, he asked what restaurant would be next!