Wedding Favors


We used paper bags to decorate for our wedding favors. I used the peacock feather stamp I already owned, found a “Thank you” stamp on E-bay, and used the letter stamps from an alphabet set I bought from Michael’s to stamp “T & T” on the bags. We hole punched the tops, and tied with ribbons. Inside, we placed sealed bags of coffee beans in some bags, and tea in others. They were quick to put together, and didn’t have any favors left over!


Holiday Cookies

IMG_2404       IMG_2409

I wanted to make two batches of cookies- some chocolate cookies for me and the chocolate-lovers in my life, and something for my husband and the other not-chocolate-lovers. I stumbled upon this site, which had two recipes usually substantially the same ingredients and process, one for chocolate and one for sugar cookies– perfect!

I skipped the sprinkles, because of a shared dislike of them, and decided to make things colorful by food dyeing some of the cookies red and green.


I also tried to spiral a few (as seen here- ). However, spiraling cookies isn’t something you just do willy-nilly it turns out. They turned out okay, but clearly needed to actually be more carefully spiraled to turn out as pretty as they looked online.

IMG_2403          10407493_871958785958_2894898355399050948_n

I followed the sugar and chocolate recipe carefully, only leaving out the sprinkles and adding some food coloring for some sugar cookies. I alternated the cookies, leaving some plain, and added the peppermint kisses to half of them.

The chocolate cookies are almost brownie-like; very moist, and super chocolatey, sweet goodness. They were good with the peppermint as well.

The sugar cookies are pretty typical sugar cookie flavor, but moist and delicious. The peppermint kiss added a unique twist to a typical sugar cookie.

Overall, I recommend both recipes, and it worked out well to make both. You can whip up the chocolate first, and let it sit in the fridge while you make the sugar cookies. I was able to get them both done pretty quickly that way. I got bags from Michael’s, to bag them and decorate with ribbons etc. to give them to friends for Christmas!

Melted Crayon Art

I, like many other craftaholics, went through a Melted Crayon Art phase. I wanted to share three of my favorites. For all of them, you can get a pack of these canvases at Michael’s, and the crayons anywhere. Use a good glue to adhere the crayons to the canvas. Here they are:


Made by cutting out the silhouetted in black card stock with an x-acto knife. I left the last couple crayons right above the silhouette unmelted, to keep it simple. I was considering covering the silhouette, and trying to get the “rain” to go around it, but I was too scared of ruining it.


This one I added some fake flowers to Joann’s to, which was fun for spring.


This one I don’t actually love, but I love the idea of it. I painted the canvas first, then put the crayons on. The silver crayons also added a fun effect. I think that spelling out words in the meted crayons has great potential- mine just didn’t turn out extremely readable. I used adhesive letters and just stuck them on. I think I should’ve somehow covered it better though, maybe with clear nail polish or something. I think bigger letters would’ve look better too.

Paper Anniversary

The First Anniversary is traditionally a paper gift. I wanted to make something paper for my husband, to go with the gift I was purchasing him and plans I had. Lots of gifts involved photos, but I’ve already done a ton of photo stuff with him because of my love of photography. I finally decided on a Folded Book Art.

1. Find the perfect book.


I decided to look at Nicholas Sparks book because I wanted a cheesy love story for the occasion, and I stumbled upon just what I wanted- a love story about a Marine finding his true love.

2. Decide the shape you’re folding the book into. 

I knew I wanted a heart for this lovely occasion.

3. Find a tutorial/template with that shape- or make your own template.

I’ve done a few different folded books now, but always with a template, and the first one I watched a tutorial. I can’t imagine free handing it- I just think it’d end up crooked. If you’re good at making your own templates, or have a shape that doesn’t need to be perfect, give it a try though! I’m just someone who does better with clear instructions. I used this: 

4. Make your folded book art!

I suggest getting a spare book for practice first. Then, make the actual thing- if you mess up on a lot of pages, it can end up getting a weird shape, because of so many re-folds and such. My second one turned out way better than my first, it was almost perfect.

Don’t want to make one of your own? Purchase one of mine on Etsy!

IMG_2047 IMG_2048 IMG_2049 IMG_2050

DIY ManBouquet


I couldn’t figure out what to get my husband for Valentine’s Day. I finally decided to make him a ” man bouquet.” I got a flower pot, sticks, green tissue paper, and foam to create the bouquet. I then filled it with fun things- his favorite cookies, alcohol, tea, and a new tie and pair of funny underwear. It didn’t hold as much as I wanted, so I ended up surrounding it with lots of his other favorite snacks and drinks and such as well. He got more excited about it than I thought he would, and even noticed the little things like the tie was shaped like a flower. It was a fun gift to make and watch him go through!

IMG_1955 IMG_1956 IMG_1480 IMG_1481

DIY Scrabble Gifts

IMG_1569 IMG_1572


Use scrapbook paper, card stock, or any paper of your preference, cut to the shape of your frame. Use a strong glue to adhere the Scrabble letters to the paper. Stick it in the frame once completely dry, and voila, lovely gift for a friend for Christmas, housewarming, or anything really! Using people’s names, sayings, or song lyrics are my favorite.

IMG_1576  IMG_1580 IMG_1581 IMG_1582

Another option is handmade ornaments with Scrabble letters. Just use the same strong glue, and carefully glue letters together, and glue a ribbon looped onto the back. Again, names are fun, or holiday-related words! I’ve noticed that longer words seem to hold up better vertically than horizontally-if you want it to be horizontal, consider a big ribbon.

The best place I found to buy the letters from was E-bay. They were way overpriced from most sellers on Amazon and Etsy.

DIY Wedding Date Engagement Gift

I wanted to create an engagement gift for two friends, using their wedding date, because they were very excited about the date that they chose. After googling and Pinteresting wedding date gift ideas, all it took was three photos, a 3-picture frame, some tape, letter stickers, and some scrapbooking supplies in their wedding colors to create the perfect wedding date-related gift for them, and it took 15 minutes to make!