DIY Toss Bouquet

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I used some of the handmade fabric flowers (see previous post on them!) to create our toss bouquet. To create the bouquet:

  1. Gather your fabric flowers. I used my previously made one, and bought a few from Michael’s.
  2. Hotglue wires to the back of each of the flowers- ensure the wire is long enough to create the length of handle you want.
  3. Wrap fabric tape around the wires, securely.
  4. Wrap a thick ribbon around the wires, and secure with dots of glue. I tied another ribbon in a bow at the top, and used a dot of glue to add a peacock feather.
  5. You’re done! In total, mine had 13 flowers in it and took about an hour to make (not including the time to handmade the flowers).

Handmade Flowers

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After deciding on brooch bouquets, I decided not to have any real flowers, besides 2 vases of them for the ceremony. I set out to sew, glue and create handmade fabric and tissue paper flowers for the wedding. I rounded up a collection of different ways to make flowers, and bought various supplies on sale at Joann’s. We started experimenting with different styles, and then replicated the easiest and quickest ones the most. We mostly made purple flowers, to use them to fill turquoise vases around the venue, and also used them to create the toss bouquet. Here are some of my favorite tutorials:

Fabric Flowers

Ribbon, felt, cotton and much more can be fun options to make flowers from

Rolled flowers:

Braided rolled flowers:


Burned edges flower:

Yo-yo flower with button:

Tissue paper flowers


Personalized Chalk Boards

For our wedding, I wanted chalkboards in various sizes and shapes. It turns out, finding them at affordable prices was nearly impossible, so we set out to make our own. We needed:

  • Wooden materials you want made into chalkboard (I purchased the boards from Joann’s, and the picnic basket from Goodwill- Joann’s has a ton of wooden stuff, and you can use 50% off coupons, or go when they’re 60% off, etc. and get great deals)
  • A piece of chalk
  • Colored paint and brush, if you want to add borders, etc. as pictured
  • Optional addition: easels (also purchased at Joann’s on sale)


I don’t have step by step photos, but the process is pretty simple:

1. Sand down the board

2. Tape any areas off with painters tape that you don’t want chalk board

3. Spray with chalk board paint! It may take a few layers- let each dry in between.

4. Paint the other areas, as desired.

5. Once completely dry, “Prime” the chalkboard if you want to, by covering it in chalk, and then washing it off. I primed a couple of mine, but I didn’t like the chalk residue that can be left. Since I only planned to use the chalkboards for the wedding, I stopped priming them, so they’d look perfectly clean, and just wrote on them the message they would have for the wedding day.

  • IMG_0546 IMG_0545 IMG_0349

Handmade Christmas Cards

IMG_3107 IMG_3108 IMG_3109 IMG_3110 IMG_3111 IMG_3112 IMG_3115 IMG_3120 IMG_3124 IMG_3104 IMG_3113 IMG_3121


Decided to send out handmade Christmas cards this year. I stocked up on scrapbook paper, stick-on stones, Christmas stickers, pre-folded cards, red ribbon and green buttons. Above are some of my favorites! Most of the designs I saw on-line and just replicated; all are easy today without instructions. I’m artistically-challenged when it comes to drawing, so I did use templates for my shapes though!

DIY wire Mrs necklace


I saw this Kate Spade necklace, and fell in love with everything about it except the price:

I decided- hey, I can do that! And of course, Pinterest agreed.I looked to this blogpost for instructions:

Then, I printed out the word “Mrs” in a font and size I liked, and got to work with my pliers. I had never made jewelry before, so I had to wander and chat with several people at Micheal’s, and watch a Youtube video, to figure out that I needed a chain, a hook/clasp, and to figure out what a Jump Ring was and how to use one with a Jump Ring too (I suggest both- they made things sit more evenly, and looked more professional). It took less than an hour to make, after my first failed attempt (full disclosure: the failed attempt was untimed, it was depressing. Be prepared for this).

My final product turned out quite nicely. Give it a shot yourself! If you don’t want to make it yourself, take a gander at my listing to purchase one for only $15 on my Etsy-