Freezer Meals 2.0

So far, I’ve tested two freezer recipes.The BBQ chicken recipe was very tasty, but strangely didn’t taste like BBQ to me- I’d still eat it again though. The second was a basic sloppy joe recipe, used to get rid of all the hamburger buns we had. We spiced it up by adding more spices and vegetables, but it was simple and good.

I wanted to share more info on the process and a few photos.

I split the process up into two days, because I didn’t have a whole afternoon to devote to it. In total,I did 3 hours on my own, and 3 hours with my husband. I accomplished way more with him; I think if I’d had his help the whole time, we would’ve been done in 4.5 hours instead of 6. I highly suggest team work for these meals! It’s much simpler to have one person chopping up vegetables and working with those ingredients, while the other person is actually assembling the recipes into bags. It goes by so much faster, and it’s nice to have the company.

We started by choosing the recipes we’d use. We chose a variety of recipes so we had an option for any situation- some that are longer cook times in the crock pot, shorter times, some that have to be thawed a day in advance, some that don’t, some that can be thrown in a frying pan, etc.

We had a big grocery store run.

At home, we started gathering all the ingredients we needed. We have a large kitchen, so we had a lot of room to just spread out.

We tackled the meals by meat– we made all the chicken ones first, then ground beef, then steak, then all else. We prioritized the amount of time needed as well; for example, we stuck the twice-baked potatoes in the oven first because they cook for so long, then moved on to making bean and cheese burritos.

We wrote the name of the meal and cooking instructions on the freezer bag first. We then would move on to making that meal and filling the bag. For several meals that sounded good, we went ahead and made 2 meals of that type. A lot of the recipes are designed anyway for families of four, but since there’s 2 of us, they were often doubled for us already.

We then prepped the food! My husband chopped vegetables and meat up, while I measured out spices, sauces etc. into the bags. Chopping takes a long time when there’s so much of it! Measuring was quick though. So I also prepped other food while he was chopping, like the twice baked potatoes, and other things that required no chopping while being baked etc.

After finishing bags, we made sure they were sealed tightly, and fit them all in our freezer (we’d cleaned out our freezer and made room before hand- important point!).

All that’s left, is to eat! In total, we made 20 meals, enough for 2 people each (so 40 meals in total). Some of those are burrito and chicken finger lunches, but the rest are dinners. The cooking wasn’t too bad, and we’ve enjoyed the convenience even over just 2 days, so we’ll definitely be doing it again. We’re thinking of blocking off 1 weekend a month to do it- get the shopping trip and cooking out of the way and be good for a month. We’re only using the meals on weeknights, so 20 meals lasts a whole month. Weeknights, we have classes and late nights at work. Weekends, we’re free to cook though.

Best of luck to those trying this endeavor! Let me know if you have any questions!


Bean + cheese burritos were cheap and super fast to make 12 ofIMG_2551

Wrote the instructions on the bag.


BBQ chicken for the crockpot


We’re not the most organized freezer packers, but there they are! We actually reorganized after this, into neater stacks, but I forgot to take a picture of it.

Here’s a few more links to other recipes we used as well:

Peanut chicken-

Honey sesame chicken-

Twice-baked potatoes-



Freezer Meals

We’re starting the year off with a goal to eat out less, and cook healthier. We both enjoy cooking, and try to cook at home as much as possible, but between work and night classes, it can be hard to cook dinner and prep lunches every day. I finally caved in, and started planning to make some freezer meals to start the new year and new semester off on the right foot! Equipped with a sharpie, freezer bags, and a huge cart of food, we set off on a journey to plan weeks of meals in advance. I’ll document the process in the next blog post, but wanted to share some of my favorite blogs and recipes on the topic so far:

Downloadable organized shopping list and recipes:

Tips and recipes:

Simple recipes:

Anniversary Scavenger Hunt

For our first wedding anniversary, I planned a scavenger hunt for my husband. I hid clues around our apartment, and our cars, and he had to solve the clue to move on to the next thing. Clues lead to gifts, and to things to do- we went to brunch at a peacock-themed restaurant (influenced by our peacock-themed wedding!), made cotton candy martinis (his favorite drink we tried at a restaurant in St. Petersburg for Valentine’s Day), had homemade cheesecake (his favorite dessert) and more. It was a fun day.


I was inspired by this scavenger hunt:


Cotton candy martini recipe:


Cheesecake recipe:

I made the cake topper myself, by finding a plain banner and typing the words over it, printing it, cutting it out, and taping it to skewers. I was inspired by this cake topper:

Cheesecake recipe:

Colombian Hotdogs

In the last few years, I’ve gained a deep love for Colombian Hotdogs. The more toppings, the better! At first, I was hesitant to just pile them on, but once I enjoyed a quail egg on my perro, there was no going back my friends.

After trying so many hotdog shops, I finally decided to try my hand at them at home. I found this site-

And I went to work!


I whipped up a pineapple sauce first.


Then I mixed up the pink sauce.


I bought quality products, including all-beef hot dogs, the fluffy potato buns, and a bag of the fried shoestring potatoes (I prefer this over crushed potato chips which is also a good option). I also  ketchup and added a thin slice of ham, and melted mozzarella cheese under the potatoes!

Garlic sauce, cilantro sauce, bacon, quail egg, and much more can be added as toppings. Have fun!

Holiday Cookies

IMG_2404       IMG_2409

I wanted to make two batches of cookies- some chocolate cookies for me and the chocolate-lovers in my life, and something for my husband and the other not-chocolate-lovers. I stumbled upon this site, which had two recipes usually substantially the same ingredients and process, one for chocolate and one for sugar cookies– perfect!

I skipped the sprinkles, because of a shared dislike of them, and decided to make things colorful by food dyeing some of the cookies red and green.


I also tried to spiral a few (as seen here- ). However, spiraling cookies isn’t something you just do willy-nilly it turns out. They turned out okay, but clearly needed to actually be more carefully spiraled to turn out as pretty as they looked online.

IMG_2403          10407493_871958785958_2894898355399050948_n

I followed the sugar and chocolate recipe carefully, only leaving out the sprinkles and adding some food coloring for some sugar cookies. I alternated the cookies, leaving some plain, and added the peppermint kisses to half of them.

The chocolate cookies are almost brownie-like; very moist, and super chocolatey, sweet goodness. They were good with the peppermint as well.

The sugar cookies are pretty typical sugar cookie flavor, but moist and delicious. The peppermint kiss added a unique twist to a typical sugar cookie.

Overall, I recommend both recipes, and it worked out well to make both. You can whip up the chocolate first, and let it sit in the fridge while you make the sugar cookies. I was able to get them both done pretty quickly that way. I got bags from Michael’s, to bag them and decorate with ribbons etc. to give them to friends for Christmas!

Mustache Bash

I mustache you a question. Have you always wanted to throw a mustache bash? I had too! I also wanted to throw my husband a fun birthday, so I combined these two desires, once he approved the theme. I again took to Pinterest and Google; Party City surprisingly had a huge variety of mustache-themed things at great prices, so I snagged a lot up. I also made some of my own mustache things, of course, including a watermelon mustache and a mustache cake! We had props for photos, and a beer cake as well. So many fun ideas for Birthdays! Hope you enjoy your mustache bash!


instructions for the mustache cake:


Free printable mustaches (just attach to popsicle sticks):


Beer cake instructions:


Pineapple upside down cake jello shots recipe:

IMG_2805 IMG_2806  IMG_2810 IMG_2811 IMG_2812 IMG_2813 IMG_2814  IMG_2819 IMG_2821   IMG_2827 IMG_2842 IMG_2857