Handmade Brooch Bouquet

Like many women, I wanted a bouquet that would last well past the wedding. I finally decided on a brooch bouquet, because my mom found many of my grandma’s brooches and it was great to incorporate them into the bouquet. It’ll also be something great for my daughter to someday have, even for her wedding if she decides to.

I used Ebay to find most of my brooches, besides the ones I already owned from my grandmother. The best deal are buying them in lots- it’s great too because many sellers will sell lots of coordinating colors, and I wanted to get a good number of purple and turquoise brooches (our wedding colors). Amazon has some, Etsy sellers sell some, and some thrift stores can be good places for them as well. You can also

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I also found a peacock and peacock feather brooch, to go with our theme.


Next, I found several tutorials. I decided to use fake flowers as my base, rather than a foam ball- I just didn’t like the foam option, based on photos I saw.

I then started wiring all of my brooches– this is a good group project, because it it tedious. There’s not really a method to this madness, because every brooch is different, some have different backs than others, and the amount of wire you use depends on the size and weight of the brooch. You’ll get the hang of it after wiring a few though.

IMG_1614     IMG_1610

After wiring, I started by placing brooches on top of the flowers, taping them along the base as I went.

I used small brooches to fill in all of the gaps, and just started bending the wires to get things to fit together well, and to be well-rounded.

In the end, I made 4 bridesmaid’s bouquets, and a larger bouquet for me. My mom sewed a white wrap for mine, purple for the bridesmaids, and a turquoise wrap for the maid of honor. I tied a turquoise ribbon around the wraps, to add the other wedding color on. They turned out well!

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Melted Crayon Art

I, like many other craftaholics, went through a Melted Crayon Art phase. I wanted to share three of my favorites. For all of them, you can get a pack of these canvases at Michael’s, and the crayons anywhere. Use a good glue to adhere the crayons to the canvas. Here they are:


Made by cutting out the silhouetted in black card stock with an x-acto knife. I left the last couple crayons right above the silhouette unmelted, to keep it simple. I was considering covering the silhouette, and trying to get the “rain” to go around it, but I was too scared of ruining it.


This one I added some fake flowers to Joann’s to, which was fun for spring.


This one I don’t actually love, but I love the idea of it. I painted the canvas first, then put the crayons on. The silver crayons also added a fun effect. I think that spelling out words in the meted crayons has great potential- mine just didn’t turn out extremely readable. I used adhesive letters and just stuck them on. I think I should’ve somehow covered it better though, maybe with clear nail polish or something. I think bigger letters would’ve look better too.